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Night cruises

Spending your free time actively during night cruises on motor yachts is a great way to discover new adventures and enjoy life. When the night falls, you can experience the extraordinary emotions of sailing in a completely different atmosphere. Take friends, family or a loved one on a yacht and enjoy moments full of excitement together.

Night cruises on motor yachts are a unique experience that reveals a completely new face of sailing to you. Darkness surrounds you as you set out on the water, and starlight and moonlight create an eerie atmosphere. This is the moment when you can break away from everyday worries and immerse yourself in the calm rhythm of sea waves.


Safe and modern motor yachts enable smooth movement on the water even at night, and experienced skippers ensure professional conduct of the cruise. During night sailing, you can admire the picturesque coasts of Gdańsk, Sopot or Gdynia, which take on a completely new charm thanks to the lighting.


Night cruises on motor yachts provide unforgettable moments and are a great opportunity for romantic experiences on the water.

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